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84,49 EUR*
Details Forced Migration and Global Processes: A View from Forced Migration Studies (Program in Migration and Refugee Studies)

Forced Migration and Global Processes Forced Migration and Global Processes considers the crossroads of forced migration with three global trends: development, human rights, and security. This expert collection studies these complex interactions and ...

94,50 EUR*
Details Migrant Smuggling: Irregular Migration from Asia and Africa to Europe (Migration, Diasporas and Citizenship)

Migrant Smuggling This books explores the phenomenon of irregular migration, notably the organization and role of migrant smuggling networks in aiding irregular migration from Asia and Africa to Europe. It also discusses how migration control policies ...

126,02 EUR*
Details Gender and Migration in 21st Century Europe (Law and Migration)

Gender and Migration in 21st Century Europe Offers empirically-grounded insights into various issues surrounding gender and migration into and within Europe. This work presents a comprehensive and critical overview of the historical, legal, policy and ...

84,49 EUR*
Details Managing Migration: The Promise of Cooperation (Program in Migration and Refugee Studies)

Managing Migration Managing Migration presents the valuable results of the Cooperative Efforts to Manage Emigration project, a bottom-up effort to identify models and best practices for spurring economic development and respect for human rights in ...

67,40 EUR*
Details Language, Identity and Migration: Voices from Transnational Speakers and Communities (Language, Migration and Identity)

This volume presents a collection of the latest scholarly research on language, migration and identity. In a globalised world where migratory patterns are in constant flux, the traditional notion of the 'immigrant' has shifted to include more fluid ...

8,19 EUR*
Details The Secret Migration

Mercury Rev - Secret Migration - Cd

9,90 EUR*
Details Wege nach Wien - Migration im Rückblick

Wege nach Wien - Migration im Rückblick [Gebundene Ausgabe] [Jul 01, 2002] Mitterauer, Michael ...

19,99 EUR*
Details The Yankee Yorkshireman: Migration Lived and Imagined (Studies of World Migrations)

The Yankee Yorkshireman An appraisal of the writings of Yorkshire-born Hedley Smith (1909-94) whose depiction of the fictional mill village of Briardale, Rhode Island, captures an early twentieth-century labour diaspora peopled with textile workers ...

40,34 EUR*
Details Catapulted - Youth Migration and the Making of a Skilled Young Albanian Diaspora: Youth Migration and the Making of a Skilled Albanian Diaspora (East European Monographs)

Catapulted Catapulted is a unique contribution to the literature on migration as it relates skilled labor migration particularly to the displacement of youth. Studies of the Albanian diaspora are often limited to European locations, but Ellis ...

39,00 EUR*
Details Theorising Transnational Migration (Routledge Research in Transnationalism)

Theorising Transnational Migration Societal transformations have recently stimulated political debates and policies on the integration of migrants and minorities in most Western European countries. While transnational migration studies have documented ...

28,49 EUR*
Details Locating Migration: Rescaling Cities and Migrants

Locating Migration This books examines the relationship between migrants and cities in a time of massive urban restructuring, finding that locality matters in migration research and migrants matter in the reconfiguration of contemporary cities. Full ...

17,71 EUR*
Details Gender, Livelihoods and Migration in Africa

No Gender, Livelihoods and Migration in Africa Read a customer review or write one .

106,99 EUR*
Details Migration and Care Labour: Theory, Policy and Politics (Migration, Diasporas and Citizenship)

Across the world, the provision of care faces mounting challenges - what has been widely referred to as a 'crisis of care'. In the global North, international migrants have increasingly supplemented the unpaid or low-paid care labour of women - as ...

136,90 EUR*
Details Local Lives: Migration and the Politics of Place (Studies in Migration and Diaspora)

Local Lives By addressing the question of how migrants legally and symbolically lay claim to owning and belonging to place, this title refocuses our attention on the micro-politics and everyday rituals of place-making, that are central to the ...

32,09 EUR*
Details Migration in Irish History 1607-2007

Migration in Irish History 1607-2007 Migration - people moving in as immigrants, around as migrants, and out as emigrants - is a major theme of Irish history. This is the first book to offer both a survey of the last four centuries and an integrated ...